Carolina Panthers Begin Quest For Three-Straight NFC South Division Titles With NFL Preseason

Cam Newton and Ron Rivera are shooting for their third-straight NFC South division title, but the attempt comes without much fanfare. Although a banner will be hung in the stadium rafters, their 7-8-1 record in 2014 wasn’t the most convincing statement to establish themselves as one of the premier teams in the NFC.

It’s another season to take the next step in the playoff picture and for Newton to jump into the next tier of quarterbacks. With Greg Olsen returning, a chemistry building with second-year wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin, and the addition of 2015 NFL Draft pick Devin Funchess, Newton has weapons at his disposal to go along with the Panthers’ usually strong defense.

The first look at the Panthers can be seen during the preseason, as the action has already begun with last Sunday night’s Hall of Fame Game between the Minnesota Vikings and Pittsburgh Steelers. Below is secondary market information for Panthers tickets to their preseason slate, with information provided by

8/14/2015 | Buffalo Bills vs. Carolina Panthers | Ralph Wilson Stadium | Average Price: $30 | Get-in Price: $3

8/22/2015 | Carolina Panthers vs. Miami Dolphins | Bank Of America Stadium | Average Price: $86.35 | Get-in Price: $24

8/28/2015 | Carolina Panthers vs. New England Patriots | Bank Of America Stadium | Average Price: $101.71 | Get-in Price: $25

9/3/2015 | Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Carolina Panthers | Heinz Field | Average Price: $58.31 | Get-in Price: $9

The Panthers’ most expensive preseason game is against the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, who’ve stolen the airways during the offseason with their tussle with the NFL over Deflategate. With an average ticket price of $101.71 and a get-in price of $25, it’s the only Panthers preseason game that sports an average ticket price over the $100 mark.

Carolina’s other preseason home game is the second most expensive affair on the docket. Miami Dolphins tickets against the Panthers at Bank Of America Stadium have an average price of $86.35, with a get-in price of $24.

Meanwhile, the club’s two preseason road games are on the less expensive side of the equation, as their Week 1 game against the Buffalo Bills has a single-digit get-in price, while the average ticket price is just $30. Newton will get the first look at Rex Ryan’s nasty Buffalo defense, which is projected to rank towards the top of the NFL this season. In the preseason finale, the Panthers travel to Pittsburgh to play at Heinz Field with an average ticket price of $58.31 and a get-in price of only $9.

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