Panthers360 Radio Show Live Tonight 10pm ET: Episode 5

Panthers fans it’s our fifth episode of Panthers360 radio show. We can’t believe we are already on our fifth episode, and we appreciate everyone who has tuned in to our show so far. That is right, tonight we will be hosting our online radio show episode at 10pm ET. If you want to join the call the instructions are below. If you have something to say after dialing in then when I call out your username (if you sign up for an account) or the first 7 digits of your phone number you are allowed to speak. We will allow everyone to speak throughout the night, so be patient. If you just want to listen-in that is fine as well, just stay quiet please.

1. Follow this link: to listen-in, chat, or call-in to voice your opinion to our conversation through TalkShoe. You’ll need a headset with a mic to talk if you don’t dial in via land line. A cell phone will work but if background noise becomes a problem I have the right to mute you . Otherwise you can just listen and follow the chat.To use the chat box you will have sign-up for an account. Please include your username in the chat.

2. Dial in via land line at (724) 444-7444 and type in the Caller ID: 134234 followed by the # symbol to listen-in or talk.

All Callers Welcome!

If you miss the show you can always download the episode from TalkShoe or wait until I post a link via our website or our Facebook page.

Host’s Tonight: Curtis & James

Statistician: Tim 

Tonight’s Topics:

  • Panthers fans traditions
  • Fan Fest
  • Training Camp Preview: Offense & Defense
  • Risers and Fallers
  • Call-in Questions
  • More cash for the Panthers? 
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