Carolina Losses to KC’

The Chiefs just simply wanted this game more.  After losing linebacker Jovan Belcher in a murder suicide earlier in the week, the Chiefs clearly wanted to win this game more than any other all year.  That helped a bad team defeat another bad team.  The Panthers could not stop Jamaal Charles, who shows flashes of being the best RB in the league at times.  Brady Quinn also played the best game possibly of his career.  The Panthers don’t have much of a secondary to speak of and Quinn surprisingly exploited it.  He finished 19 of 23 for 201 yards and 2 scores.  The Panthers defense really didn’t show up for this one.

Cam was able to throw for 3 scores, but completed just over half of his passes.  The running game was decent, but they didn’t use it enough.  Both Newton and Williams did well rushing the ball but it was Newton through the air the majority of the game.  Steve Smith had one of his better games of the season with 120 yards and score.

Overall, the Panthers fall to 3-9 with a matchup with Atlanta coming up.  The Falcons have just one loss all year and a second this Sunday seems unlikely.


Photo by: Jeff Moffett/Icon SMI

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