Panthers Fall to Broncos

This game was hardly surprising.  After getting their second win of the season last week against the Redskins, the Panthers fell short to a better Broncos team.  There was no way that Peyton Manning wouldn’t have his way with the Carolina secondary, and that was just the case.  That was to be expected.  The bad news is that Cam Newton had a poor showing.  he had 2 TDs, but also 2 INTs, one of which going back for 6.  The rushing game was also bad.  Stewart got just 8 carries which led the team.  Still, Williams had 6 for 6 yards, Newton ran the ball 4 times, and Tolbert added 2.  If the Panthers wanted to find a feature back, this isn’t the way to do it.  They need to either admit they are going with a committee attack, or just bench Williams.

The one bright spot for the offense was Greg Olsen.  Olsen has been on and off all year, but  today he really broke out.  At the end of the day he had 9 catches for 102 yards and a couple of scores.  I was looking for what players would perform well in this game with the season over, and Olsen was the one that really stepped up.

Next up is the Bucs, but Carolina is playing more for a draft pick at this point.

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