Panthers Pregame

Well Brandon LaFell is officially out for the contest against Washington.  Bad news for Newton and passing game.  Though, The Redskins have been awful at stopping the pass, so I may be even able to go out there and rack up some yardage against their secondary.  It will be interesting to see if someone like Murphy steps and has a big game.  I thin this is a game that the running game is a big factor in though.  Rivera and the rest of the staff wants to see if Stewart can truly be a feature back, so this is a great time to test him some more.  Washington has also been [retty bad at stopping the run as well.

Both Pierre Garcon and Brandon Meriweather aren’t going to play in this game.  That shouldn’t alter the game plan much, considering neither has played much this season.  Meriweather hasn’t even played a snap this season.  Still, RGIII surely is missing Garcon in the lineup.  Every other receiver on the team has struggled to make the simplest of catches.

I actually like the Panthers chances in this one for some reason.  Washington has a lot of good players, but they seem to be a little out of sorts.  If Carolina can slow down the running game, they may be able to get RGIII to make a few mistakes.  The Panthers offense may have their easiest task all year, so points could be plentiful this Sunday.

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