Panthers Popular Trade Targets

Well when a team only has 1 win at the trade deadline, teams start calling to see if you are looking to liquidate your assets.  The Panthers don’t have a ton of expandable healthy players, but they do have at least two names that are at least being discussed.  The chance of actual trade occurring seem a bit doubtful, just because the NFL trade deadline is almost never exciting.  However, if the Panthers are seriously looking to make a move, they could have a partner.

DeAngelo Williams’ name has come up a lot with Jonathan Stewart moving up as the feature back on this team.  That isn’t a surprise, but there is one problem.  His contract is absolutely huge.  There aren’t many teams with the room to bring on a guy with his salary, so if Carolina is serious about moving him they would have to do so at an extremely low price.  I can’t imagine a team offering more than a 4th round pick considering the salary, and that may even be optimistic.  Nobody will doubt his talent, but he hasn’t shown it on the field consistently for some years now.

The other name is a bit more surprising and unlikely at the same time.  At least one team has called about WR Steve Smith.  Now let me start this by saying I don’t think there is a chance Smith is dealt before the deadline.  Newton would be left with nothing at WR, which isn’t exactly a great plan for a guy you are grooming into your franchise QB.  Smith may be able to bring in some value, but he is still plenty valuable as a Panther.  They may look to deal him at a later date when they can add some depth to the position, but I don’t see Steve Smith going anywhere, anytime soon.

The trade deadline is this Thursday, so we won’t have long to wait.  Any major deals involving Carolina will surely be evaluated on here, but don’t get your hopes up.

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