Panthers Fall; Overhaul Begins


Photo by: AD/Icon SMI

The Panthers lost to the Cowboys Sunday, and not long after major changes were made. GM Marty Hurney was fired after a long tenure.  He has made some fairly questionable moves in his career including investing $90 million for his top 2 running backs.  It seemed as though Cam Newton may have been able to turn around the franchise and save his job, but after a 1-5 start the writing was on the wall.  With major holes all over the team including O-line, WR, and CB we could see a lot of changes this offseason.

Also, Chris Gamble was placed on the IR, ending his season.  Gamble had been doubtful the last few weeks, but inactive each week.  He apparently needs surgery on his shoulder, and with the season slipping delaying it made little sense.  Carolina now is even thinner at CB which is very bad news for the entire defense.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Jon Beason follows Gamble on the IR.   Beason has been out the last few weeks and been playing injured to start the season.  He is likely a few weeks away from being able to play, but likely less than 100%.  Having him back fresh next season would probably be the best bet.

As for the actual game, Carolina played it fairly close.  They took the lead early in the 4th quarter when Mike Tolbert ran for a TD.  Haven’t heard his name very much this season, so he could get a few more looks going forward.  They were shut out the rest of the way though, as Dan Bailey knocked in a couple of FGs to give Dallas a 19-14 win.  In this game Carolina’s defense actually played fairly well.  They gave little on the ground to Dallas, but Demarco Murray did not play.  Romo played pretty well, but managed only a modest 227 yards.  The Panthers were able to hold Dallas to just one touchdown, but did allow 4 FGs.  The problem was the offense in this one.  Dallas has a solid pass defense, and Newton played pretty average in this one.  Some positives to take in this one, but moral victories don’t matter much when your 1-5.

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