Missing Pieces on Defense


Photo by: Tom Berg/Icon SMI

Carolina’s D hasn’t been extremely effective this year, but they look to be even less efficient next week with a couple of key players unlikely to play.  Jon Beason and Chris Gamble are both listed as doubtful for the game against the Seattle Seahawks.  Neither player has played up to their top level, but both are key cogs for the Carolina’s defense typically.  A healthy Beason would be in charge of slowing down the focal point of the Seattle offense in Marshawn Lynch.  Now Lynch has a dream matchup and should see an enormous amount of touches in this one.  Luckily for Carolina, Russell Wilson has been one of the least effective Quarterbacks in the league thus far.  The rookie has barely dominated in the early going, and offense completely runs through Marshawn at this point.  Gamble’s loss may lead to a few more aerial attacks, but Seattle isn’t likely to gamble too much with the passing game…


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