Panthers vs Falcons Preview

This week the Panthers will take another step foward towards becoming a legit team again. Cam Newton leads his squad into Atlanta to take on Matt Ryan and the Falcons. Newton to this point, has been a star. He has 1600 yards passing, and 7 TD’s. He is slashing teams for huge yardage each week, using his legs only when he has to. He has shown a great ability to throw from the pocket and is getting better each week. The Panther’s offense will have a good day against the soft Falcons’ D. The secondary Atlanta runs out there isn’t going to be the one to stop Newton’s march to rookie records.

On defense the Panthers should look to make the big play, go for the turnovers. They are going to give up yards, and points. But if they can cause a fumble here or there, or pick one off and take it to the house they will be golden. All they need to do is hold the Falcons back, not stop them completely. I see a 31-21 win for the Panthers, and a big step up.

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