New Orleans vs Carolina Preview

This week the Panthers are home to take on division rival New Orleans. This is not a good matchup for the Cam Newtons, and if they’d like to hang around theres 2 things they must do. 1. Protect Cam Newton at all costs. Even if it means only running 2 routes and max protecting him. 2. Don’t let the Saints beat you on big plays. The Panthers need to keep everything in front of them and stop New Orleans from hitting home runs. Having said that, I don’t think either of these thing will happen.

The Panthers will have to be unblockable to stop Drew Brees’ passing attack. If they give him any time, he will destroy them. My strategy would be to send house blitzes as much as possible, and try to cause turnovers by knocking the ball loose. Without a huge effort from the passrushers, this game will be a beatdown.

If your looking for something to watch for in the 2nd half, look at Cam Newton’s ability to adjust in game after a tough 1st half. That can be a good measure of improvement, and he will need to learn this to grow into a complete player. I see a 42-14 loss for the Panthers, unable to get in the Saints way. Check back for my game recap after all the action.

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