Carolina vs Chicago

Carolina coming off their 1st win of the season, heads to Chicago where the 1-2 Bears await them. Cam Newton will face a serious challenge this week against the tough Bears front 7. Carolina should try to run the ball as much as possible to keep Chicago honest, and Newton upright. If they can hammer the ball inside, they may have a chance to keep the game in question until late in the 4th, where anything can happen. Newton will be given a big time test this week, and can go a long way towards paving his already good ROY campaign.

Jay Cutler is licking his chops this week. The Bears offense is built perfectly for Carolinas D. If Matt Forte breaks 1 or 2 runs early, Cutler will air it out on play action passes all day. Watch for Cutler to throw deep often, against a Panther defense who doesn’t get much pressure. The Panther will be over agressive and will pay in the form of long plays for scores. Watch for a 38-10 bashing of the cats.

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