Cam the Man

After last week I was ready to temper my enthusiasm for what Cam Newton was going to bring for an encore. I was shocked to see the same type of play from the young man. Cam threw for another 433 yards and a score. He also threw 3 picks, but that is to be expected for such a young player. He is now the owner of the record for the most yards in his 1st 2 games as a starter. He even managed to hold the Panthers in the game with the Pack, losing 30-23. If he continues on this pace he will have the Panthers winning games in no time. Newton shows ability to feel pressure and avoid the rush, something that usually takes a long time to develop. He is also showing a very good chemistry with All-Pro WR Steve Smith, who is a help for any QB. I am very impressed with his 1st 2 games as a pro, as all Panther fans are sure to be.

The loss really falls on the shoulders of the defense, but can you blame them? Aaron Rodgers is streaking through the league, beating even the best defenses. He threw for 308 yards and 2 TD’s. The fact that Carolina was as close as they were should bolster the fan base’s faith. Really things are looking up for the upstart Panthers, who have a week 3 matchup with Jacksonville. I’m calling it now, this will be Newtons’ 1st win. Check back for a game preview.

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